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My daughter Natalie is 21 and has a Brain Tumor diagnosed when she was 2 in 1999.  She has had 47 MRI's for the 3 Brain surgeries, Chemotherapy and Proton therapy to keep the tumor from growing. 

Each time we get an MRI the most important question is simply "IS IT GROWING".   It would be nice to know the volume of her tumor but Radiologists have not done that yet, even though the technology is readily available. 

We decided that if Natalie has benefited from seeing her Tumor in 3D, makes sense that everyone else would like to as well. Why not?


It is simple:

1. Get the patient MRI data from your Radiologist.  Yes, it is YOUR data. 

2. Copy your files to a free Dropbox account. 

3. Send a link to the files to me (

4. Natalie and I will convert the 2D images into 3D volume and send you the results. (you only pay for shipping). 

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