Start of Proton Therapy Radiation

Consultation with Dr. Chang and Dr. Crawford at Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego. MRI and CAT scan for treatment preparation. Making of the mask that keeps the head still during radiation.

Proton Therapy


5/16/14 Caregivers


17 Caregivers and counting!

In just 2 days there was already 17! Dr. Crawford, Rady's Neurology, isn't pictured as well as Gail, Rady's Neuro-Oncology Case Manager.  They are all so nice! I'm excited to get to know them all! 

Smile Surgery

Natalie arrived at University of Iowa hospital at 6:00am and was in surgery all day.  She opened her eyes around 7pm in recovery with a new smile. 





35 Caregivers!

We will take a picture of everyone that cares for Natalie.  It is fun to get their reaction.  They are amazed they are part of such a huge group of people that come together to make Natalie's life better. 




3rd Brain Surgery

The tumor showed signs of growing back in the summer of 2007.  Dr. Walker decided to perform surgery and reduce the size of the tumor.  Natalie was in and out of the hospital in 5 days with no change in her health from before the surgery.  It was more of the "Middle of the Miracle". 




2nd Brain Surgery

The tumor grew back to nearly twice the size from the time of the 1st Surgery.  We found out just a few weeks before from an MRI.   This time there were some obvious problems, the biggest being that she couldn't swallow.  She was fitted with a Trach.   Her left eye was also not working correctly and we found out she had lost her sight and movement in her left eye. 

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223 Caregivers !

Natalie was in the hospital for over 3 months.  One of the great experiences was meeting all the wonderful caregivers that took such great care of Natalie.  We really didn't realize that it took so many people to give her the quality of  life that she now enjoys. 

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