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Thursday July 10th

Today's treatment was good. Right after I was done they took me to the PET/CT scanner to see the radiation paths to the tumor. Apparently I am still radioactive for about 15 minutes after treatment so they can still see the paths during that time. Kinda cool! I learned I don't really like PET/CT scans! It might have been because I had a little cough and it was hard to be still or that it was just a new thing but yeah I was really nervous it was really weird! Then I had an MRI. It's so amazing and weird how comforting the MRI mask, the IV and the obnoxious loud noises can be to me! Having 41 MRIs in 15 years I guess I'm a pro at them! :) Dr. Chang showed us the scans from the PET/CT. It was cool to see that the radiation is going in right where the hair loss is happening and that it goes into the tumor! Technology is so great! :) Long but good day!

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